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Jessica Humphries

Writer, Editor, Yoga Teacher

Jessica Humphries is a yoga teacher and writer who has written for many health and wellness publications, as well as enjoying the role of editor for Australia’s biggest yoga magazine. After studying philosophy at university and enjoying a stint in the corporate world, she left Sydney and moved north in pursuit of life in the slow lane. When she’s not writing, she leads a wholesome, holistic and active life in the Northern Rivers, around the corner from Australia’s health and wellness capital, Byron Bay.

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Immunity Boosters for Winter: Foods that Heal

Your immunity in winter is certainly challenged. Shorter days and less sunshine means less vitamin D and more...

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Healthy food through the ages: What to eat from your 40s to your 70s

Healthy food might not look exactly the same throughout your lifetime. Here are some tips and considerations...

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Weight loss woes: How to enjoy dinner with your family while losing weight

Eating with family is one of life’s great joys, and that doesn’t have to change while you’re on a weight loss journey...

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Maintaining your recent weight loss: Top tips for men

When it comes to men’s health, weight loss is really just the beginning of a lifelong journey. Maintaining your new weight...

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Gut Health for Beginners: How to have a healthy belly

Gut health is gaining popularity as we begin to cotton on to its vital role in overall health, well being...

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5 easy stretches and exercises to do at your desk

Exercise can be so simple to integrate into your day – even if you have a desk job. Here are some easy..

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