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Kate Merryweather


Kate is a Melbourne-based freelance copywriter and busy mum with three daughters. When she’s not writing, she’s working on meditating more (finding the time is tricky). She loves reading, reality television and annoying friends by talking about her latest vegetarian Thermomix recipes.

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How to manage your wardrobe during your weight loss journey

Congratulations, you’re losing weight! But, your success on the scales comes with a new challenge...

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Ten ways to get active each day without doing ‘hard core’ exercise

Too busy to exercise? Or perhaps the idea of sweating in a gym makes you panic...

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I want it all now – how to be patient in your weight loss journey

Here’s a secret about weight loss progress (or success of any kind). It’s kinda like a marathon...

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Morning routines to kickstart a great day

Is your morning routine chaos or calm? By introducing healthy morning habits...

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Self-care isn’t selfish: ten ways to bring more self-care into your life

Are you the kind of person that puts yourself last? Whether it’s a demanding job...

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Building resilience for weight loss and wellbeing

Resilient people cope better with stress and feel more confident facing difficult situations...

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