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Kimberly Gillan

Health writer

Kimberly Gillan is a Melbourne-based writer who spends her days researching interesting and innovative ways to live our best lives. From nutrition hacks to sleep remedies to exercise advice, she analyses the latest research and calls on leading experts to share their wisdom to help Australians find balance and contentment in the modern world.

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How to feel like “you” again after pregnancy

Regardless of how your baby came into the world, you'll no doubt be feeling pretty impressed by the miracle...

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How to stay positive during menopause

The mood swings, hot flushes and changing body that comes with menopause can be frustrating and overwhelming....

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Tackling menopause: sleep better with these 4 tips

Whether it's the changing hormones, the increased incidences of snoring or the hot flushes jolting you awake...

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The four best exercises for menopause

From mental health benefits to warding off disease, there's arguably never been a better time...

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4 simple ways to look after your mental health post pregnancy

Experts say that taking time to look after your mental health during and post pregnancy can help...

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