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Kimberly Gillan

Health writer

Kimberly Gillan is a Melbourne-based writer who spends her days researching interesting and innovative ways to live our best lives. From nutrition hacks to sleep remedies to exercise advice, she analyses the latest research and calls on leading experts to share their wisdom to help Australians find balance and contentment in the modern world.

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How a weight loss journal could improve your chance of success

Weight loss tracking in a weight loss journal is scientifically proven to help you lose weight. Here's how to keep a weight loss journal for successful weight loss...

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The simple exercise that will make your life instantly richer

Whether you want to find your ideal career, build healthy relationships or simply live a more fulfilling life, life coaches and psychologists...

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3 simple ways to help your kids connect with their hunger cues

With dietary behaviour in childhood often setting up our adult food attitudes, helping our kids develop a love...

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The power of positive thinking

With some clever brain training, you can learn to default to a positive frame of mind to make...

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3 genius weight loss hacks for men in their 20s

Your 20s are a brilliant time to set the foundations for a healthy weight for life. Here's the three easiest...

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Three things that every mum deserves to do

Mums, it's time to banish the word "selfish" from your vocabulary and treat yourself, because...

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