5 ways to spoil Mum this Mother’s Day

By author photo Jessica Humphries


Give the perfect Mother’s Day gift this year

Mother’s Day is a perfect time to nourish your femininity and connect with the nurturing mother within – whether you’re a Mum, an Aunty, a Grandmother or even a sister. But perhaps most importantly, Mother’s Day is an opportunity to reflect, with gratitude, on what your own mother really means to you.

From that place, there’s a natural inclination to give a token of appreciation to this life-giver. But it doesn’t always have to come in the form of dust-collectors or over-indulgent celebrations.

There are plenty of fun and healthy mother’s day gifts and activities to spoil your mum this year and let her know just how much she means to you.


Give the gift of time

As mothers, we’re constantly working through lengthy to-do lists. And sometimes, the most beautiful gift we can receive is the gift of someone’s time. So for your Mother’s Day gift this year, ask your mum to share her to-do list with you this Mother’s Day and see what you can do to lighten her load.

Pick up a few groceries, hang out the washing or even clean the house. Sometimes, this can be even more valuable and appreciated than a bunch of flowers and a box of chocolates.



We don’t often allow ourselves the time and space to indulge – so what better excuse than Mother’s Day? And the bonus is – you can enjoy this just as much as Mum.

Organise some Mother’s Day activities; go to a day spa, treat yourself to high tea or even organise a girls’ weekend away. If you’re feeling something more low-key, gather some healthy treats for a pamper session and a movie marathon at home.


Family festivities

If you’re a mum yourself, you’re probably going to want to spend some time with your own family on this special day – so why not make a shared event of it?

Host a family barbeque at home, or meet for a pot-luck picnic at your favourite local park. Invite yours and your mum’s closest friends and family and soak up all that you’ve created as mothers.


Share memories

Sharing memories is a great way to celebrate Mother’s Day when you don’t have a full day to spare. This mothers day idea is simple and can be done after dinner, or even over the phone.

Scroll through old photo albums, ask your mum to share stories from your childhood and reminisce shared memories. You could even write a heart-felt letter or card with some of your favourite childhood stories and things that you love about your mum.


Get Active

It’s tempting to over indulge on Mother’s Day – but it’s just as fun to do something active and healthy. Take your mum to a group fitness class, go on a nature adventure or walk together (you can even use this time to share memories) or find a gentle stretch class online to practice together at home.

These active Mother’s Day activities are fun too!

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