Healthy weight loss for brides

By   Eucalyptus VC


Getting married? It’s gonna be a great day! So, no doubt you want to look your best. Many brides like to lose weight for the wedding. After all, you’ll be the centre of attention. Naturally, you want to look fit, slim and healthy. It’s about being the best version of yourself on your special day.

Weight loss for brides: what not to do

This is not the time to embark on a crash diet. You’ll be super busy and perhaps a little stressed with wedding plans. So, a crazy diet that leaves you depleted of minerals and nutrients is a one-way ticket to exhaustion. A crash diet will also play havoc with your skin, hair and nails, so forget about lemon juice or cabbage soup detoxes.

Healthy wedding weight loss

A great diet for wedding weight loss includes:

  • lean protein, such as chicken, eggs, seafood or legumes
  • nutrient-rich vegetables, like spinach, broccoli, kale or mushrooms
  • fibre from whole-grain complex carbohydrates (quinoa, oats, brown rice)
  • plenty of water
  • regular exercise, including cardio, stretching and strength training

Weight loss for busy brides

Meal prep is the key to success. Allocate time each week to plan your daily menus, buy healthy food and prepare your meals. With quality storage containers, your meals will stay fresh in the fridge and can be prepared a few days in advance. You’re less likely to give in to temptation if you have a healthy meal ready to go. Of course, with Jenny Craig your meal prep is done for you. If you’re a busy bride, let our expert nutritionists plan your meals. Just enjoy your meals knowing you’re getting the right nutrients and calories / kilojoules for weight loss success.

Get support

They key to success of any goal is surrounding yourself with supportive people. Perhaps a friend can keep you accountable at the gym or your partner can join you in healthy cooking.  With Jenny Craig, your consultant is on side to give you weekly support, coaching and wellbeing tips. Your consultant is your own personal weight loss cheerleader, helping keep you on track.

Wedding diet mindset tips

  • don’t get obsessed, the preparation is part of the wedding, so enjoy
  • focus on building healthy habits for life, rather than just your wedding
  • it’s okay to have a cheat meal from time to time – forgive yourself and move on
  • focus on your vision of being a happy, healthy bride
  • start your healthy lifestyle well in advance of your wedding so you’ve got plenty of time to lose weight sensibly

Before you know it, you’ll be walking down the aisle with a confident, healthy, happy glow, so enjoy your special day!

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