The top 3 wedding dress trends for the year

By author photo Tara Castellan


Are you a statement bride?

Not all brides-to-be want to wear white. And lucky for them, these days there are a plethora of non traditional bridal dress designs to choose from. As long as it’s comfortable and a true representation of who you are, I’m all for something a little left of centre.

But with so much choice, what do you go with? I’ve rounded up the top 3 wedding dress trends for 2019 and added my thoughts on why they are perfect for any wedding day!

1. Feathers

Slightly theatrical, a little bit whimsical, but undeniably chic – adding a feathered component to your bridal dress design will take your look up a notch or 10. With all of that though, it doesn’t mean this is reserved for a night time/cocktail dress code, feathers can most definitely be worn for a midday/ late afternoon wedding as well.

2. Florals

Not just for Bridesmaids! A floral print is truly timeless – whether it’s in a small liberty or a big, bold print you will feel ultra feminine walking down the aisle, dancing the first dance and everything in-between!

3. Embroidery

Think rich coloured, lush and intricate. Embroidered bridal dress designs evoke a sense of fun and create an impact on any dress – particularly a dress with long sleeves as the design can carry all the way down and add to the overall wow factor.

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