Wedding day preparation guide: 17 wedding planning tips

By   Eucalyptus VC


A wedding is a major event! There’s plenty of elements to organise. If you’re a busy bride, check out our quick and easy tips on making the most of your special day.

  1. Have your teeth professionally cleaned for a bright, white smile in your wedding photos.
  2. Beware of facials too close to the wedding, as your skin may react or become irritated. Schedule your final facial at least seven days before the wedding.
  3. Get plenty of sleep in the weeks before the wedding so you look and feel relaxed on the day.
  4. Create a running sheet which outlines the schedule for the day, include contact numbers for suppliers and the bridal party. Give a copy to everyone involved, so there’s no confusion.
  5. Write a brief for your photographer and list the important family and friends you’d like photos with. If you’d like photos of yourself alone as a bride, include that on your list too.
  6. Trust your suppliers to get on with the job and don’t interfere or micromanage. Listen to their advice for the best songs, food or party staging.
  7. Suppliers are a great source of referrals to other wedding suppliers too. Your photographer can recommend a great florist or your celebrant might know the best DJ.
  8. Speak to friends who are married about what they’d do differently. You might get some valuable tips. Follow the advice you like and ignore the rest!
  9. Don’t sweat the small stuff. The day is about you marrying your wonderful partner, so it doesn’t matter if the centrepieces are too small or the best man is wearing silly cufflinks.
  10. Don’t handle it all yourself. Delegate tasks to your fiancé, family and bridal party. Get others to help arrange table seating, flowers, bonbonniere, table seating, budgeting or invitations to ease your stress.
  11. Stick to your wedding budget. It can be tempting to splurge on ice carvings or diamond tiaras but your guests will have a wonderful day without them.
  12. Get a points credit card so you can earn bonuses or frequent flyer points with your wedding spending. (Remember to pay it off with your savings.)
  13. Involve your parents in a small way, such as helping you choose the wine list or choosing cake flavours. They want to be part of the wedding too.
  14. Look after your suppliers on the day. Your photographer and entertainers will appreciate a quick break and a meal during the reception.
  15. Use technology. There’s hundreds of online resources, so take advantage of wedding apps, free downloadable resources and bridal websites for plenty of free tips and tools.
  16. Confirm, confirm, confirm with your suppliers before the wedding. Ask how they’ll help if they can’t attend on the day. If your celebrant, make-up artist or photographer is suddenly unwell, hopefully at least they’ll find you a replacement.
  17. Plan a relaxing night before the wedding. You may feel stressed or nervous, so a quiet meal and a romantic comedy with your bridesmaids is a good option.

Good luck with your wedding planning and enjoy your special day!

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