Type 2 Diabetes & Jenny Craig

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Type 2 Diabetes & Jenny Craig

Clients can be reassured that our menus are suitable for people with diabetes, as they are kilojoule and portion controlled, and contain a healthy balance of all the core food groups. Weight loss is often recommended for people with diabetes because it greatly improves control of their BGLs.

Individual blood glucose response varies with different foods, so clients should be encouraged to try all menu items they feel comfortable with. If a particular item results in a raised blood glucose level for one client, the client may decide not to choose the item again.

It is important to realise that blood glucose levels can also be affected by factors other than food, for example tiredness, illness and stress.

The Jenny Craig menus:

  • Frequent meals – 3 main meals and 3 snacks, to assist
  • Portion controlled meals to support weight loss
  • Include 2 fruit and at 5 vegetable serves daily
  • Also include whole grains, reduced fat milk products, lean meats, fish, poultry, legumes, eggs and nuts
  • Low in saturated fat (<10% of total energy; in line with NHMRC guidelines)

At Jenny Craig we also encourage:

  • Encourage regular physical activity – within clients capabilities
  • Encourage regular consultation and monitoring by a client’s doctor

Click here to chat to a Consultant about the program is suitable for people with diabetes.

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