6 Ideas For Healthier Eating On Your Holiday

By author photo Jenny Craig Team

eating-out · 10 Oct 18

With holiday season just around the corner, you may have a bit of extra motivation to make healthy food choices; and during these warmer months, it’s nice to look and feel your best. But with the temptations of holiday foods and the removal of everyday “checks and balances,” holidays can also wreak havoc on your weight loss journey. Here are Jenny Craig’s tips for staying on track when you’re on the road.

Eat fresh and local
Whether you’re headed for a beautiful beach, luxurious villa or a metropolitan hotel, this is a great opportunity to tap into fresh, locally-sourced fare. If your menu isn’t clear about what’s been harvested nearby, ask your server to recommend dishes that use local produce, fish or fowl—then choose simple preparations and steer clear of creamy sauces.

Mind your portions
Your holiday is also a great time to try out your visual portioning skills. Using your Jenny Craig meals as a loose guide, limit your meat serve to about 90g – that’s about the size of a deck of cards. Choose colourful, non-starchy vegetables as your sides, and always snack on free foods like carrot sticks throughout the day.

Exercise cruise control
The very thing that could work against you on a cruise—unlimited volume and choice—can also work in your favour. At a buffet, YOU have the power to make smart choices! Choose fresh fruit and yoghurt over pastries in the morning, light salads or sandwiches with plenty of salad instead of burgers and chips at lunch, and simple grilled fish or chicken over deep fried dishes for dinner.

Sip a little smarter
You probably already know that umbrella drinks like daiquiris and piña coladas are a cup-full of kilojoules – but with their huge portions and high sugar content, creamy fruit smoothies can be an even bigger hidden danger. Choose water or a lime-infused sparkling water instead of juice or soft drink, and try to limit yourself to a single glass of wine with dinner.

Walk it off
Even if you’re not intentionally taking an “active holiday”, you can still make daily exercise part of your getaway. Ask your hotel concierge for sightseeing and restaurant recommendations that are within a kilometre or two of your hotel, and then set out on foot. Trust us: everything tastes better when you’ve worked for it!

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