Summer socialising, minus the temptation

By   Eucalyptus VC


Summer is the most social time of year. With that comes the temptation to eat and drink too much – and that doesn’t always help us stick with the goals we have in mind. Here are some ways you can have a great time socialising while staying healthy.

If you’re eating out

Eating out can feel especially hard, but there are ways to make it easy and enjoyable while sticking to what’s right for you. One good way to order a delicious, healthy meal is to review the menu online before arriving. That way you can avoid making spontaneous decisions that might not fit with your plan for the day’s eating. And to help yourself avoid the temptation of over eating, consider ordering from the entrée menu.

Host or encourage BYO events

If you’re hosting a social event, it can be easier to make the food fit with what you’d like to eat. You can prepare plenty of healthy foods – salads, vegetables and lean meat, for example – as well as lovely non-alcoholic drinks and a refreshing fruit platter for dessert.

Of course, hosting isn’t always an option, so offering to bring something along to an event is also a great idea. That way, you know there’s food available that you’re happy to enjoy.

Ask friends for support

Being honest with your friends and family can be really helpful, if you think they’ll be supportive of your choices.

If you feel comfortable, have a chat to them about why you’re trying to make different food and drink selections. They might be willing to make sure there are healthy choices available at their next gathering, or help you navigate a conversation where someone’s trying to encourage you to “just have one” drink or dessert.

Socialise in different, fun ways

Eating out together is only one way to socialise. Suggest to your friends that you catch up in a healthier environment: it’s fun to head out for a walk and a chat, go to a movie (bring your own snack and put the money you save on popcorn towards a new book or pair of shoes!), or visit a local tourist attraction that you haven’t got around to for a while.

Socialising is great for your wellbeing, and with a few small changes you can also make it healthy for your body this summer.

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