3 Easy Ways To Boost Your Core

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We all know the health benefits of being active – better heart health, stronger bones, a stronger immune system and of course faster weight loss. But more importantly for females, it is vital that you have a strong core, not only will this reduce back pain and ailments it will also improve balance as you get older. Here are 3 easy ways that will help boost your core and have you standing strong.

1. Swimming – One of the biggest benefits of swimming is that you work out your whole body in one session (rather than having to do 2 or 3 separate sessions to work out your lower limbs and then your arms or core). Yes, swimming can save you time! Because you need to move your whole body against the water, you need to move most of your muscles. Plus, swimming makes your heart and lungs strong too. For more reasons to give a water workout a go click here.

2. Body Weight Training – is a great way to increase your core strength without the hassle of gym equipment. Simple exercises like planks, sit ups, push-ups, squats and burpees can help support your core muscles as well as offering a healthy dose of cardio!

3. Cardio – walking and jogging are also great ways to get the body moving and work our core muscles. When heading out for a walk or run make sure you stand tall and engage your abs and core. Some other core activities are hip bridges, crunches and support holds.

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