4 Fun Winter Workouts

By   Eucalyptus VC


We get it: it’s hard enough to stay motivated to lose weight when the weather’s great! During these shorter, cooler days, it can be a real challenge to maintain your workout schedule.

Well, here’s a little tip from your friends at Jenny Craig: Why not MIX IT UP! Just like a music playlist, your regular workouts can get “worn out” from overuse—both mentally and physically. Not only does your brain get tired of doing the same moves, your body can get acclimated to repetitive routines, making them less effective. This winter, we encourage you to add one unexpected activity into your exercise regimen. Here are 4 fun ideas you might try.

1. Circuit training

Strength training is essential to maintaining muscle tone, especially for women over 35. Try circuit training machines that adjust the resistance as you exert more effort. Circuits help firm and tone muscles all over the body. Combined with stretching and cardio, you can complete a well-rounded workout in 30 minutes.

2. Gaming workouts

If your kids have a gaming system that’s wired for living room workouts, why not get in the game? The controllers are typically very intuitive; the workouts can be surprisingly vigorous and REALLY fun. Play against a family member, and you’ll add a bit of together time and friendly competition to the mix. Extra bonus: dance games give you the added benefit of a laughter-based abdominal workout!

3. Indoor aquatics

If you’re a fair-weather outdoor swimmer, you might not even think of the pool during winter. But if your suburb has an indoor pool, this can be a great way to add a dash of variety to your cold-weather workout schedule. Whether you prefer to swim laps or take a water aerobics class, aquatic exercise is one of the healthiest things you can do for your body—with the least impact on your bones and joints. Treat yourself to a nice warm soak in the hot tub after!

4. Indoor stadium

If you live in an area with chilly winters, your local high school, sports club or professional sports team may have an indoor stadium. With the recent rise in boot camp-style workout classes, many of these facilities now offer public workout hours. Particularly when you’re surrounded by others who are working toward their own goals, indoor stadium stair climbing can be a great alternative to the gym!

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