5 easy ways to incorporate exercise into your work day

By author photo Megan Blandford

exercise · 27 Feb 19

Incidental exercise helps your fitness, heart health and weight management. So how can you get more of this into your busy work day?

Take the stairs

While it can be difficult to find ways to exercise during the day, especially when your calendar is filled with commitments, the small things add up. Perhaps the simplest method for exercising at work is to ditch the lift and take the stairs instead. This gets your legs moving and heart pumping, and helps to clear your head, ready for a big day in the office.

Don’t park too close to the front door

If you have the ability to park a short distance away from your workplace – whether it’s on another site or just the furthest spot in your company’s parking area – it will give you a great excuse to move that little bit more. If you catch public transport, you might choose to hop off a stop or two earlier so that you start and finish your day with a lovely short walk.

Lunchtime walks

Walking to a nice outdoor spot to eat or using a lunch break to move as much as you can is the perfect way to exercise during the day. You might like to make your lunchtime walks social, too. Some workplaces have a group that walks or jogs each lunch break. If yours doesn’t, you can always set one up – your colleagues will thank you!

Stretch break

There are lots of opportunities to stretch and strengthen your body at work, to help ease those work-related aches and pains. You can do a few squats while you wait for the kettle to boil, stand up and do some leg raises and calf stretches while you’re on the phone, and do some push-ups against the wall during bathroom breaks.

Move your work tools further away

Sitting for long stretches of time increases your risk of chronic health problems. Small things can break it up and make a really positive difference to your health: set a timer for regular walks to the water cooler, put your printer a short wander away, and walk over to talk to a colleague instead of calling or emailing them.

Incidental exercising at work doesn’t replace the need for longer workouts, but it’s a great way to boost your health and fitness.

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