5 fun ways to get active with your family

By author photo Megan Blandford

exercise · 15 Feb 19

It’s time to get outdoors and make your mob an active family. The benefits are enormous: encouraging activity helps your kids develop good habits that will stay with them, it’s wonderfully fun family time, and it helps you all live healthier, happier lives.

So what are you waiting for? Here are some great ideas to get your family moving together:

Get into the backyard

The art of backyard sport – think cricket, Frisbee and soccer – is still alive and well. With just a cheap sporting kit, which could even include a kids’ ten-pin bowling set or skipping rope, you can have hours of active fun outside in the shade.

Don’t have much space in your backyard? Easy: take the kids for a wander to turn your nearest park into your own sports ground.

Find a local bushwalk to explore

Bushwalking is a surprisingly fun family activity, with plenty of scope for the kids to let out excess energy while you stretch your legs. Check out the paths in your nearest bush or around a local lake, and then see if any of you can spot some wildlife or beat each other to the top of that next hill.

Jump on the bikes

Kids love a bike ride, and they’ll love you joining in too. There’s no better way to encourage your active family than setting the example yourself, so jump on and get into it. You’ll find it’s just like, well, riding a bike!

Take turns thinking of an active idea

Whether you’re running out of ideas or want to encourage the kids to engage with being active, it’s time to spread the ideas around. Give each member of your family a turn to choose an activity each weekend – the only rule is to be as creative as you can! – and then enjoy sharing in the fun.

Hit the pool

If it’s too hot to run around outside, the water is the perfect place to be. Head to your local pool for the fun of swimming together: you might be able to sneak in a few laps, depending on your children’s ages, or it might be all about playing games together.

Being an active family is the most fun you could have all summer…and beyond!

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