7 Easy Ways To Get Active With Family And Friends

By   Eucalyptus VC


Having your family and friends involved in your weight loss journey is a great way to stay motivated as well as including your loved ones in this important part of your life. Involving them in your activity can be a great way to make sure everyone is getting fit and healthy. Although, convincing them to join you for a run or gym session may be a little harder than you would like, never fear we have some other easy ways to tempt them.

  • Start a sport team – Get a group together and join the local tennis, netball, bowling or soccer competition. Have a really good workout, a laugh and also learn some new skills. Most competitions will have an amateur or beginners league so you won’t need to be an expert to get involved.
  • Have regular active dates with friends – Instead of going out for lunch or dinner plan some activities where you can catch up and get active. It can be as simple as grabbing a coffee and going for a lap around the local walking track or signing up to a yoga class or boot camp session together.
  • Start a challenge or competition with family and friends – Everyone loves to win a friendly competition and it can motivate people to get up and going. So whether it is a simple step challenge to see who can do the most steps in a set period or your very own at home “Biggest Loser” challenge, it is time to get your competitive spirit racing. Click here for more ideas on starting a family fitness challenge or getting competitive with your spouse.
  • Get out and explore new areas – Whether it is going for a Sunday drive and checking out the nearby National Park or taking a trip up/down the coast to a town you have never visited, exploring new areas means lots of walking and is a great way to easily increase your steps.
  • Walk or ride to dinner or breakfast – Heading out for a meal at your local café or restaurant? Instead of piling into the car why not put on your walking shoes and walk there, it will make sure you really earn your meal.
  • Sign up for a fun-run or event with a group and train together – There are always fun-runs, colour runs and charity walks happening. So why not get a group together and raise money for charity while you get active?
  • Employ one of your friends as a weight loss buddy – If you’re already a Jenny Craig member, you know that you’re never alone—your consultant is always by your side, ready to provide advice, support and encouragement every step of the way. But, having someone who is on the journey with you can help too. There are lots of benefits of having a weight loss buddy who’s right there beside you on the weight-loss journey. Click here to find out more.

For more active tips and advice click here or to start your Jenny Craig journey get started here.

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