Healthy Activities To Do With Kids

By author photo Jenny Craig Team

exercise · 17 Oct 18

Make the most out of this Spring with our top 5 fun activities you could do with your kids these school holidays! But the best part is, that all of these ideas are encouraging your kids to live a healthy lifestyle. Let’s be a healthy role model for our kids this Spring!

1. Ride a bike: This isn’t your ordinary bike ride around the block, try changing it up this Spring and go somewhere you’ve never been before. This is a great activity, fit for any age and gets everyone moving.

2. Home veggie patch: Have you been wanting to plant your own herbs and vegetables for a while now? Well now you can these school holidays! Take the opportunity to bond with your kids and teach them the importance of healthy foods.

3. Make the most of the outdoors: Create a fun circuit with your kids this Spring, maybe at a park or even at the beach. Or even try our Family Fitness Challenge.

4. Cook a Healthy recipe: Why not get in the kitchen and try one of our healthy recipes, we know your kids will love trying something new and getting hands on with the cooking.

5. Try a new activity: Head to the local trampoline park, or even mini golf, if you’ve been wanting to try this new activity but haven’t had the time or motivation? Well the time is now, make the most out of these school holidays with your kids!

No more ‘I’m bored’ because Jenny Craig has got you covered these school holidays.

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