Hot Weather Workouts

By   Eucalyptus VC


Days when the sun is beating down and the footpath is sizzling are not the best days to be working out. In fact, you probably feel like melting onto your couch in your cool home instead of lacing up your runners and going for a run. So how can you maintain your exercise routine during summer? When the weather gets unbearably hot, it’s best to grab your water bottle, and think outside the box to keep as cool as possible when working out in summer.

Pick your time
Try and structure your day so you can work out early in the morning, or in the evening, when the temperature is lower, and the sun isn’t at its strongest. Go for a nice walk with friends, family or pets before breakfast or after dinner. You could even wrap an ice pack in a towel and place it over your shoulders and neck to keep you cool while you walk.

If your gym has air-conditioning, this could be a great place to work out during the hot summer months. Make a challenge with yourself to try a new class every week, and workout muscle groups you never even knew you had!

Hit the pool
The kids are probably already begging you to take them to the pool on sweltering summer days, so indulge them and sneak in some exercise for yourself. Rather than lounging in the sun or floating around on an inflatable lounge while the kids splash around, swim laps for 30 minutes. Swimming is a great low-impact exercise is easy on the body that can burn an impressive 800kJ in just half an hour. Some gyms even offer water aerobics classes that feature music and choreographed moves to keep you entertained while you get a good cardio workout.

Hike in the hills
When the footpath is too hot for a jog, head for the hills where there is abundant shade from the towering eucalyptus trees and cooler temperatures. Hike your favourite trail with a friend to de-stress and catch-up on their latest news, or to make this a family-friendly activity, choose an easy walking trail and pack a healthy picnic for your destination. Play eye spy and other games to keep them entertained as you traipse through the woods. Hiking is a great cardio workout that improves balance, strengthens your core, and relieves stress. Be sure to pack plenty of water!

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