How to stay healthy in winter

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Don’t let the cold hold you back from a winter workout!

We all know that on those frosty winter mornings, it’s way too easy to hit the snooze button and skip your gym session. It always starts as a one-off – “it’s too cold, I’ll workout tomorrow!” But as the colder months continue, so do the excuses – and before you know it, you’ve lost your fitness routine completely! Learn how to stay healthy in winter so you can feel vibrant and healthy all-year-round!


In winter, health and fitness maintenance is vital for three key reasons


  • Prevent winter sickness 

Choosing healthy and balanced meals in the colder months will keep you on-track with your diet, but will also protect you from coughs and colds.

Enjoy the occasional hot chocolate or hearty pie this winter, health-conscious choices should include a few indulgences, but don’t let the cold steer you from your healthy diet!

Eat a variety of fruits and vegetables, especially greens and vitamin C-rich foods, to keep your immunity firing this winter.


  • Boost your mental wellbeing

Prioritise your winter health by taking care of your mental wellbeing. These colder months can make us feel depressed and unmotivated, especially if we neglect our diet and stay indoors.

Once the winter blues kick in, it’s hard to remember how to stay healthy in winter!

Take care of your well-being and ditch the winter blues – taking a mindful approach to your winter health by following your weight loss plan you will nourish your mind as well as your body!


  • Avoid summer weight loss fads

Ever had that awful realisation that warmer weather is fast approaching but you don’t feel in-shape? Forgot how to stay healthy in winter? We’ve all been there!

Falling off the fitness bandwagon and quitting winter workouts is what drives us to chase harmful summer weight loss fads – that end up causing far more harm than good.

That’s why maintaining a steady and healthy winter workout routine ensures you feel healthy and happy as you rock your new swimsuit this summer!


5 top tips to keep you moving and motivated in the colder months


  1. Bring your winter workouts indoors

You don’t even need to leave the house to workout – so don’t let the wind and rain be your excuse!

With the wealth of weight loss videos and apps available online you can turn your living room into your own home gym, and most at-home workouts don’t even need equipment!

Set 20 minutes aside in your day and work up a sweat without having to brave the outdoors!

See our top 4 winter workouts here!


  1. Set a spring-time challenge

Keep your winter health accountable by signing up to a springtime fun-run, or even a half-marathon!

With this challenge in mind you can plan your training throughout the colder months – time flies when you’re chasing your goals.


  1. Try a winter sport

Now’s the perfect time to play a winter sport – such as rugby, football, or netball!

Get some friends together, start a social team, and learn how to stay healthy in winter with some healthy competition!

These winter workouts are a fun way to get out and burn some calories/kilojoules whilst trying something new.


  1. Find a workout partner

Learn how to stay healthy in winter by teaming-up with a workout partner to maintain your fitness goals together!

You don’t always have to always workout together, but keeping in touch with a friend to stay accountable can make a huge difference.

Make sure you check-in with each other on your scheduled workout days, whether it’s a wake-up call to make sure you hit the gym, or a motivational message for some extra encouragement!


  1. Take progress photos

It’s easy to deny our neglected winter workout regime with baggy sweaters and scarves!

You don’t have to be the next Instagram influencer, but taking progress photos every week or two will help keep you on-track and aware of how your body is responding to your winter health and weight loss journey.

Need support with your winter workouts? Get in touch, our team would love to help!



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