Indoor Workouts Guaranteed To Make You Sweat

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exercise · 16 Oct 18

It’s freezing cold and raining, it’s dark outside when you leave and come home from work, and you really don’t want to go outside for your morning jog. When the weather is less than optimal for working out, don’t give up on your exercise routine. Just take your workout indoors and start sweating! Try these four indoor workouts that are guaranteed to make you sweat.

Hot yoga
When the elliptical and circuit training machines just won’t cut it, try Bikram or “hot yoga.” Yogis perform stretches and strengthening positions in a room that is kept warm – really warm. In a room where the temperature is about 37°C, this is a workout that is guaranteed to make you sweat. Some of the benefits of doing hot yoga include increased flexibility, relaxation and reduced stress.

Cardio kickboxing
Skip the treadmill the next time you need a good cardio workout. Some type of cardio kickboxing or body attack class is offered at nearly every gym, and there’s a reason why it’s so popular. The combination of jabs and kicks that are choreographed to upbeat music is not only fun, but a great workout, too. This high-intensity aerobic exercise keeps your heart rate up and can burn up to 1400-1800 kilojoules per hour.

Swimming laps
Pull out your bathers that are stashed in the corner of your wardrobe and get to the indoor pool! While you probably won’t notice yourself sweating, swimming laps is an awesome low-impact, but high-intensity workout. Because it’s easier on your body, you’ll be able to work out longer, burning over 1000 kilojoules in only 30 minutes of swimming laps*. The resistance from the water also tones your muscles, so be sure to try a water aerobics class, too.

*Calculation based on a 45 year old female who is 165cm tall and weighs 70kg. Source:

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