Keeping Active And Healthy Over The Holidays

By   Eucalyptus VC


Active school holiday ideas

You can hear the protests already, can’t you? Motivating your family to be healthy and active these school holidays may elicit some serious groaning as you peel your people from their respective devices on a brutal summer’s day. But we’ve got some ideas that will motivate the whole family to jump on the bandwagon and enjoy seriously fun and active holidays.

Escape the screen

We don’t need to cite the studies to convince you that time away from the screen is time well spent. Just a couple of hours away from the chaos of modern technology will leave you feeling rejuvenated and relaxed. Here’s a simple trick that you may not have considered: turn off the screen! Or better yet, don’t turn it on in the first place. The tantrums should last less than five minutes and it will be totally worth it. Once everyone has recovered from their separation anxiety, they’ll be following you out the front door.

Family fun time in the great outdoors

Getting outside and active with your family is a great way to escape the screens and soak up some quality time together. It’s good for your relationships, your body, and even your mental health. There will be time for days indoors watching movies and indulging in festive feasts, but breaking it up with active events will leave the whole family feeling more energized, joyful and connected. There are so many ways to create active school holidays – check out five of our favorites here.

Relax into ritual

Over the holidays, it’s not just your exercise routine that suffers. Your schedule will likely be a little all over the place to take advantage of extra social activities, family gatherings and changing work commitments.  And while this can be very fun, it can be stressful to forego all routine (parents are all too familiar with this!).

The good news? You can maintain a sense of regularity with active school holidays. Set a rough time each day (or if your schedule is up in the air, make it before/after everyone has showered/brushed teeth etc.) for your active event. It might be a family walk to the local park, a dip in the ocean or a game of hide and seek. Simply commit to doing something active each day and enjoy the serenity that comes with having this consistent ritual to keep you grounded.

A little competition goes a long way on Christmas Day

When the promise of fun won’t tear teenagers away from the screen, perhaps a little competition will. Sports are a great Australian pastime (backyard cricket on Christmas Day?) and even the least active Aussie will be tempted by a little friendly competition. Decide as a family what game to play, think of a prize for the winner and get crakin’! Check out these active ideas for Christmas day and enjoy your active holidays.

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