Our top exercise Tips for Weight Loss while on Jenny Craig

By   Eucalyptus VC


At Jenny Craig, we recognize the many health benefits you can achieve from being physically active every day. This is why we encourage and support our members to build physical activity into their lives. Enjoying an active lifestyle is a key component of successful weight loss and management. However, as with any healthy lifestyle change, it needs to suit your individual needs and schedule if it is going to be a permanent change – it also needs to be something you enjoy. This means you won’t have to run a marathon or join a gym if that’s not something you enjoy. Unless of course you do and then your consultant will be your no.1 supporter!

Guiding you towards your weight loss goals

During your Jenny Craig journey your Consultant will guide you with exercise tips for weight loss, as well as help you to find your internal motivators.

They will then work with you to establish a weight loss exercise program that suits your current fitness levels and goals. This plan will include both resistance and cardiovascular movement and will guide you on how to make the most of natural activity. Your consultant will also help you to overcome any potential barriers to staying on track.

A few simple exercise tips for weight loss to get you started:

• Record your steps and set a target to increase them each day
• Use your lunch break to go for a walk
• Start dancing classes
• Use advert breaks to do some squats, lunges or simply walk around the living room
• Play with your kids on the play equipment
• Use stairs wherever possible

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