Spring Exercise

exercise · 17 Oct 18

Have you been stuck exercising indoors through winter? Spring is a great time to incorporate outdoors activity as well as introduce something new and different.

Parks and Playgrounds: Visit a local park (walk there if possible) and embrace the opportunity to feel like a kid again, while enjoying time with the kids. Climb through the playground, use the monkey bars or climb ladders with them, while adding your own push ups, step ups, squats, sit ups, lunges and chin ups.

Swimming: Swimming keeps your heart rate up but is low impact and takes the stress off your body. Because you need to move your whole body against the resistance of the water, you need to move most of your muscles, giving your whole body a great workout! Add intervals to rev it up even more; 1 fast lap, 1 recovery lap. Or, swim in the beach to use your muscles in a completely different way.

Outdoor Sports: Getting outdoors is good for the body and the soul. Sport like Golf, Tennis, Soccer or Football not only allow you to get outside and get active in the spring weather but you can also enjoy them with friends and family. Or more playful activities like Frisbee or cricket in the park, Lawn Bowls, rock climbing or kayaking and paddle boarding.

How to get motivated?

Rewards – every few weeks reward yourself for achieving your activity goals. Get a facial, new exercise shoes or clothes, buy a magazine or a book.
Plan with a goal in mind – Have an end goal involving your fitness – register for a 5km or 10km fun run, plan a hiking trip with friends/family or enrol in an obstacle course event.

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