Staying Active on Christmas Day

By author photo Jenny Craig Team


I’ve always loved Christmas time, it’s a time when my family are all in one place which is no mean feat given we are spread across the country.

This love of Christmas comes from my Mum, who has always been good at organising family gatherings that are never boring. Ever since we were kids, she included activities into our Christmas Day. This kept us active on the day, got everyone involved and created a bit of healthy competition.

Keeping active before and during Christmas can help if you’re trying to stay healthy over the festive season. Not only do activities burn energy, they can take your mind off the endless supply of food. Plus, you’ll get some Vitamin D, strengthen your bones and improve your overall health.

Fitting in activities at this time of year can be challenging but it’s not impossible. Here are some of my suggestions for keeping active over Christmas.

Before Christmas

  • Make end of year catch ups active, meet a friend for a walk around a lake followed by coffee, lunch or dinner.
  • Suggest work Christmas celebrations be at the local bowling or bowls club and encourage everyone to play.
  • Keeping your regular exercise regime may be challenging over the festive season. If you can’t fit in your 30 minutes activity, break it up into 10 minute slots and fit in activity when you can.

Christmas Day

  • Start off the day with a family walk before the mad rush of the celebrations begins
  • Walk to events, if they are close enough
  • Roving Christmas dinner – if your family and friends live close by, why not have each course at a different house and walk between them?

Then there are family garden games that might be fun to include before or after your Christmas celebrations while everyone is together:

  • Backyard cricket
  • Driveway handball
  • Hopscotch
  • Kubb or Finska – wooden throwing games people of all skill levels can play
  • Bauble and spoon race – just like an egg and spoon race only replacing the egg with a Christmas bauble
  • Bocce – you can pick up a set of bocce balls from sports stores.

Have a happy, healthy and safe festive season!

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