5 simple ways men can lose weight and get healthier

By author photo Megan Blandford

for-men · 18 Apr 19

There’s a stereotype that men don’t look after their health – but who wants to be part of a stereotype?

It’s especially important to think about how you can better look after yourself during this Men’s Health Week. This is a time that’s about creating awareness of preventable health problems, highlighting the fact that men have a much lower life expectancy than women due to a range of health problems that are common in men’s health.

Maintaining a healthy weight puts men at much lower risk of some of these top diseases, such as heart disease, diabetes and some cancers.

How to be healthy and lose weight

There are lots of ways to approach creating your best health. Here are some simple and effective ways to manage your weight and live a healthy life:

  • Get good sleep. While we tend to think of men’s weight loss as being active, the truth is that your rest is just as important in the big picture of your overall health. Studies have found that a solid eight hours of shuteye leaves people less likely to snack unhealthily and more likely to have the energy to exercise.
  • Sign up to a strength class. Building lean muscle helps to reduce fat, keeps your metabolism strong and allows your body to burn calories, so it’s time to reach for those weights. To master the art of men’s weight loss, sign up to a strength class at your local gym, or use an app to help you do shorter strength workouts at home.
  • Drink less alcohol and soft drinks. The drinks you choose can either be filled with calories / kilojoules that can derail your healthy eating – like alcohol and soft drinks – or offer nutritional benefits. For the latter, choose to drink lots of water, sugar-free coffee and green tea.
  • Eat mindfully. Mindful eating is all about being conscious of the food and drink that goes into your body, which usually results in fewer processed foods and more healthy choices. Because of this flow-on effect, it’s a strategy that has been shown to help with weight loss for men.
  • Do a weight loss program that’s suitable for men. Jenny Craig has program that is suitable for men of all ages, activity levels and life stages.

This Men’s Health Week, what goals will you set to lose weight and improve your health?

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