6 steps to avoiding hangovers

By   Eucalyptus VC


Over the festive season, some of us will have a couple more drinks than usual. (Oops!)


Drinking alcohol can make weight loss more difficult as alcoholic drinks are full of extra kilojoules (energy). At Jenny Craig, our Consultants help support you with practical ways to avoid or reduce alcohol to achieve your best weight loss results and long term weight management success. If you do have a party or special event where you would like to indulge a little, we can help you enjoy the event while still on the program. However, after avoiding alcohol for a while you may find this small amount can leave you feeling a little worse for wear the following day.


So, let’s look at the best ideas for avoiding hangovers, even on small amounts of alcohol:


  1. Dehydration is one of the worst parts of a hangover. Drinking water between your alcoholic drinks, and again before you go to bed can help you avoid a hangover.


  1. Alcohol affects the quality of your sleep, so try to have more sleep than usual after a big night. A nice long sleep-in can be the best medicine for a hangover.


  1. Fuel your body while sticking to your Jenny Craig meal plan before your party and get straight back into your Jenny Craig breakfast the next morning. It’s important to continue to eat nutritionally balanced meals!


  1. Try watering down your drinks to make them last longer. Try a wine spritzer,1/2 wine, ½ soda water and a slice of lime or half shot liquors with soda water or diet soft drink.


  1. The pace of your alcohol intake can also affect whether or not you get the dreaded hangover. To avoid a hangover try slowing down, this can help you drink less and wake up feeling fine the next day. (Your friends will be so jealous.)


  1. Try a mocktail so you still feel in the festive spirit without the negative effects of alcohol. We even have some tasty mocktail recipes.


Here’s to bouncing back to your healthy lifestyle in no time!

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