How to Achieve a Balanced Lifestyle on the Jenny Craig Program

By   Eucalyptus VC


Many people struggle to lose weight not because they lack motivation or desire, but because it requires major lifestyle changes. They don’t like the idea of giving up all their favourite snacks and hobbies (looking at you, Friday night wine date with the girlfriends!), even though they want to be healthier and look better.
The key to losing weight and keeping it off is creating a new lifestyle that you can maintain, easily and happily, even after the weight has come off. At Jenny Craig, we have solutions to some of the most common worries. If you still have questions about how to change your lifestyle in a way that suits you, speak to a consultant, who can create an individual weight loss plan for you.

How to dine out on weight loss programs

Following the complete Jenny Craig meal plan will lead to the best results in daily life, but we understand that many people want to dine out occasionally, too. It’s part of socialising. Your consultant can help you come up with strategies for eating out and sticking to your weight loss goals. These strategies include portion control, menu choices and key things to avoid or limit.

How to stick to a weight loss plan in the workplace

Depending on the time of environment you work in, you may be tempted by morning teas or homemade baking shared in the staff kitchen. There always seems to be someone having a birthday, leaving, or otherwise just offloading their weekend baking creations! As these can be an important part of bonding with your colleagues, it’s not always possible (or polite) to completely skip these occasions. Speak with your consultant about devising strategies in weight loss programs for handling this temptation. You can whip up Jenny Craig-approved snacks to eat while others are indulging in cake, and when it’s your turn to provide the fare, prepare a platter of fruit or something similar, which everyone will enjoy.

How to drink alcoholic beverages – in moderation

Alcohol adds significant kilojoules to your daily intake, whether it comes in the form of wine, beer, cocktails, or spirits and mixers. But alcohol can be part of your weekly meal plan, with a bit of planning and moderation. Your consultant will work with you to find the perfect strategy to keep you at a lifestyle-appropriate level. It’s true that avoiding alcohol completely will deliver the best results, but if this is an important part of your social life and important for your mental health, there are ways to fit a bit of alcohol into your life.

How to have coffee and tea the smart way

Coffee and tea themselves are not the problem, as these beverages contain no kilojoules when drunk black. But many people enjoy them with milk, cream and sugar. If you can’t drink your coffee or tea black, the good news is that the Jenny Craig weight loss meal program includes a daily allocation of milk. You can use this for your hot beverages. Plus, sugar substitutes can be used in place of sugar.

How to eat with the family

Family mealtimes are an important daily occasion, especially if you have kids, but busy parents rarely have the time (or energy!) to prepare totally different meals for everyone. If the whole family could do with a health kick, why not all join the Jenny Craig weight loss programs together? But if that’s not possible or desirable, there are other things you can do to minimise your meal prep time and still eat the same kinds of foods as everyone else at the dinner table.

A common strategy used by Jenny Craig clients, to avoid feeling like they or anyone else is missing out, is to make the same kind of meal for the family. If you are having Jenny Craig macaroni cheese for dinner, cook up the family their own macaroni cheese meal. If you are having delicious Jenny Craig wholemeal pancakes for breakfast, cook up the family their own pancakes. A little bit of extra prep is required, but not too much.

Another approach is to cook up the same sides (salads and vegetables) for everyone. Make large bowls of crunchy seasonal salad, a veggie stir fry or vegetable kebabs to accompany the main part of everyone’s meal. Win-win!

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