Study Recommends Jenny Craig

By   Eucalyptus VC


Melbourne, Australia, 9 April 2015 – An independent study comparing the effectiveness of weight loss programs has found that Jenny Craig is one of the most effective programs for sustainable weight loss.

The study lead by the John Hopkins University School of Medicine and published in the American College of Physicians journal, Annals of Internal Medicine this week, found that participants in the Jenny Craig program consistently had greater sustained weight loss at 12 months than those taking part in control programs (education or behavioural counselling).

The study reviewed 11 popular commercial weight loss programs and concluded that medical practitioners should consider referring patients to Jenny Craig to manage their weight loss.

The study authors also recommend that policy makers, insurers and employers should consider supporting people to participate in weight loss programs including Jenny Craig.

“The Jenny Craig program is based on the best available scientific research and evidence to support sustainable weight loss. This latest study reinforces the importance of scientific analysis of weight loss programs and recognises the value of the support the Jenny Craig program offers,” said Karen Barber, Director of Nutrition and Product Development at Jenny Craig.

“The one-to-one support provided by our consultants as well as our comprehensive range of menu items, have been proven to deliver our clients sustained results. For over 30 years we’ve shown that extreme dieting doesn’t work in the long term and the best results are achieved through our tailored support programs,” said Ms Barber.

The Jenny Craig program features approximately 2,500 consultants worldwide and 500 in Australia who provide one-on-one personal support and education on portion control, healthy eating, physical activity and the behavioral skills to achieve a balanced, healthy lifestyle. Jenny Craig consultants work with each member to identify their strengths, challenges, personal goals and motivators in order to create personalised weekly meal and activity plans that fit individual needs.

For further information or spokespeople, please contact:
Stephanie Malkin, Jenny Craig Marketing Manager
Tel: + 61 402 976 177

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