The Importance of Getting Enough Sleep

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According to the Sleep Health Foundation, the average adult requires approximately eight hours of sleep each night. However, this may vary between individual’s needs, where some adults may need more while others may need less.

Importance of Sleep

Sleep is just as important for our health as good nutrition and exercise. While we sleep your body regenerates and repairs our cells, therefore it is important to ensure you have enough sleep to meet your individual needs. Good quality sleep may have many positive impacts on your health and wellbeing including:

• Weight loss

• Eating healthier and forming healthy habits

• Improved concentration and productivity

• Lower risk of heart disease and stroke

• Lower risk of diabetes

• Improved mood

• Improved immunity

Top 5 Tips to improve Sleep

Although sleep is important, it is not something you can force yourself to do, but there are tips to help your mind and body fall asleep easier.

  1. Have a regular sleep time – you may benefit from setting and alarm to remind you to go to bed

  2. Create a bedtime ritual by finding relaxation activities that help you wind down

  3. Keep screens out of the bedroom – bright light omitted by devices can confuse your circadian rhythm and make it harder to fall asleep

  4. Try to have 2-3 hours break between your last meal and bed, when your body is digesting it can make it harder to fall asleep

  5. Get extra support – if you’re feeling extra sleep and have tried numerous things to help, you may need to speak to your doctor
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