10 Reasons to Join Jenny Craig

By author photo Jenny Craig Team


There are many reasons to join Jenny Craig, here is collection of reasons why our clients (including Mel B) started their Jenny Craig journey:


1.“We’ve all got our own reasons to get healthy, mine was to keep up with my girls”- Mel B (lost 16kg)

2. “I know that my family would want me around as I get older, I want to be around for them.” – Michael (lost 42kg)

3. “If it can work for me with my busy lifestyle, it can work for you.” – Mel B (lost 16kg)

4. “My granddaughter is the reason I started with Jenny Craig- it’s given me a new lease on life.” – Neil (lost 39kg)

5. “With Jenny Craig you get your own coach, get everything figured out for you, and they check on you every single week!” – Mel B (lost 16kg)

6. “I’d been doing everything for everyone else, and I needed to do something for myself for a change.” – Andrea (lost 21kg)

7. “Jenny Craig is not a diet, it’s a healthy eating plan that makes losing weight easy.”- Mel B (lost 16kg)

8. “Seeing my face in the mirror at the hairdressers and realizing how much weight I’d put on… I knew it was time that I needed to lose some weight, and to really get out there and enjoy my life.”- Ivo (lost 34kg)

9. “I did have a little help along the way – my very own Jenny coach but the good thing is that everyone who joins Jenny gets this – and it honestly makes the world of difference!” – Mel B (lost 16kg)

10. “I was so ready to make this point in my life about me and feeling like me again.” – Jules (lost 20kg)

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