4 Things Busy People Do To Stay Healthy

By author photo Jenny Craig Team

hints-and-tips · 16 Oct 18

Life is busy and the busier we get, the harder it can be to stick to a healthy lifestyle. Don’t let life get in the way of your goals, here are 4 ways to stay healthy no matter what life throws at you.

1. Make a plan – writing down your plans, goals, exercise schedule and even planning your groceries and meals will help you feel in control of all those ‘to dos’. It will also help you focus on one task at a time and ensure you don’t feel overwhelmed.

2. Activate your time – make the most of those lost minutes; go for a walk at launch, stand and/or pace when on the phone, do short workouts in TV breaks or when you have a spare second, every minute counts.

3. Be flexible – we all know that even the best laid plans get waylaid, don’t stress if things don’t work out. Simply take a breath, reassess and keep moving forward.

4. Make small but better choices – when we are busy it is easy to grab unhealthy drinks and snacks instead of making healthier choices. Stop and grab a glass of water or piece of fruit instead, you’ll feel better for it and still be working towards your goals.

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