5 Easy Tips for How to Stick to Your Weight Loss Program

By   Eucalyptus VC


Being on a weight loss plan can be hard. Remember these tips when the going gets tough.

Let’s be realistic: losing weight, especially a lot of weight, isn’t easy. It probably took years to put on that excess weight, so getting rid of it isn’t going to happen overnight. If it was easy, everyone would be doing it, right? But if you’re committed to a healthy lifestyle, your physical and mental health is at stake. The long-term effort you put into a weight loss program will pay off and you’ll be a healthier, happier version of you.

But there will be times that the journey gets hard. Sometimes you won’t see the results you want, when you want. Remember that being on a weight loss plan is a marathon, not a sprint, and follow these five easy tips for sticking on your weight loss program.

Stick your goals somewhere you can see them

Aside from just “losing weight”, you probably have lots of reasons for starting a weight loss program. These might be:

• to have more energy
• to fit into certain clothes
• to set a good example for your kids
• to reduce your risk of serious health problems.

Get these goals out of your head and onto paper. Stick that paper somewhere you’ll see it everyday, such as on your fridge, at your desk, or on your bedside table. Being reminded of your goals constantly will reinforce your motivation and help keep you on track when things get tough.

If you’re a visual person you could create a mood board that reflects your goals, with pictures of dream clothing, healthy foods, and fun activities you want to do when you’re at your goal weight. If you’re more of a words and lists person, a good old-fashioned list will do.

List your non-scale victories

Weight loss might be your ultimate goal, but as we listed above, it’s probably not your only goal. As you get stronger and healthier through a combination of changes to your diet and exercise routines, you’ll notice changes that aren’t reflected on the scales. In fact, if you’re working on building muscle in your fitness routine, you may even see the scales go up before they go down. Don’t fret, as there are many other benefits to being on a weight loss plan.

Some non-scale victories (or NSVs) you might see are:
• improved sleep
• clearer skin
• more energy and stamina for exercise
• clothes fitting better
• more physical flexibility
• calmer mood and less anxiety
• improved health, like lower blood pressure or cholesterol.

These NSVs can have a huge impact on your quality of life and should be celebrated, whether or not they’re accompanied by weight loss on the scales. Keep a little diary where you note these things, and read over them if you’re feeling frustrated by the lack of movement on the scales.

Get your family on board

Sticking to a weight loss plan is much easier when you have support from those closest to you, and for many people that’s their partner and/or kids.

Some couples embark on a healthy lifestyle together, with similar goals. It’s easier to eat healthy, balanced meals when everyone in the house is eating the same thing and you’re not tempted by whatever junk food your partner brings home. You can also work out together, reinforcing the work you put into your diet plan.

If your partner or kids don’t need to be on a weight loss plan themselves, there’s still no harm in encouraging them to eat better and exercise more. If you’re the main meal preparer in your house, avoid making two completely different meals for yourself and your kids by incorporating your healthy foods into their meals. Chances are they won’t even notice, or you can turn it into an opportunity to teach them about nutrition and looking after themselves through food.

Get your friends on board, too (and find new friends!)

If your current friends are supportive of your weight loss plan and can socialise in a way that’s appropriate to your goals, great! But it’s a good idea to evaluate how socialising does or doesn’t fit into your weight loss plan. Do you regularly meet up with your friends for wine or dessert? Although treating yourself in moderation is usually fine, when it becomes routine, it’s going to affect your weight loss plan. Perhaps suggest a long walk or a yoga class with friends, instead.

When embarking on a weight loss journey, see this as an opportunity to meet new people, too. We don’t mean completely ditching your existing group of friends. But if they’re not willing or able to join you in your healthy lifestyle, try to find people who are. Perhaps your gym hosts fitness classes with a social element, such as mums and bubs yoga or boot camp challenges. Maybe you can take a healthy cooking class, where you’ll meet others who share this interest.

Recruit professional support

You don’t need to struggle through your weight loss program on your own. As well as family and friends, professional help is very valuable. To stick to a fitness program, speak with a trainer at your local gym. And Jenny Craig’s Consultants are just a phone call away, to help you create a weight loss plan that suits your lifestyle.

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