5 Steps To Achieve Any Goal

By   Eucalyptus VC



We all have goals we want to achieve in our lives, and they can feel difficult. Here are some tips to make them simpler and achievable.

Schedule in planning time

Life is busy, and time can get away from us while we operate on auto-pilot.

Sometimes we need to create a space to think about what’s important to us. The best way to do this is to schedule it into your diary.

This is best done in smaller blocks of time: around 15-30 minutes every second day may be achievable. It might not sound like much, but it’s a time to think about yourself, what you really want, and how you’ll get there.

Make your plans realistic

Any goal can seem daunting when we consider the big picture. While it’s important to imagine how it will feel to have achieved a big goal, it’s best to focus on the smaller steps that get us to that end result.

To make the big goal realistic, break it down into smaller plans. These little plans will be the things you do on a daily basis that will inch you towards those big results.

Commit to your goal

It’s tempting to think that wanting something is enough to get us there. The truth is that we need to make a commitment to ourselves in order to stick to it.

One way to commit is to write down the goal, and the small steps that will get you there. It’s also a great idea to write down your ‘why’ to help keep you on track.

Another way to commit is to tell those close to you what you intend to do. This means they can better support you and help to keep you accountable.

Set a deadline

We often need a sense of urgency or timeliness to spur us towards reaching a goal.

That’s why it’s important to set a date for each step of your plan. Write those dates down in your diary. And make sure each of those dates is realistic so that you’re setting yourself up to succeed.

Let yourself fail

What happens if you don’t stick to your plan?

You might feel like you’ve failed, or that you want to give up. But everyone with a goal has those ups and downs – what really matters is that you get back on track again as soon as you can.

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