6 Ways To Compete With Your Spouse

By   Eucalyptus VC


Having your spouse join in your weight loss program is a great way to stay committed to your health and fitness. Add a little competition between the two of you and you’re destined to meet your goals faster. After all, what’s better than winning? Here are six creative ways to compete with your spouse.

1. Make it a game
If you both have set goals together, make completing those goals a game. Who can meet their weight loss goal first? Who can reach their distance running goal first? Set small bets to reward the winner, like breakfast in bed, new clothes, tickets to a sports game, or a date night to the movie theatre.

2. Go on a date
You don’t just have to commit to walking or exercising with each other every day. Make working out with your spouse fun by doing competitive activities together as a date. Instead of going out to dinner and a movie, choose a date night that involves an activity and a friendly level of competition. Enjoy a round of golf, a tennis match, or play a game of soccer against each other after a (healthy) picnic at the park.

3. Cook creatively
Who can cook the most delicious dinner and still keep it healthy? Divvy up your weekend nights between the two of you, set rules on what healthy items can be used, and then take turns creating a romantic meal that won’t hamper your goals. Decide who is the better cook!

4. Sign up for a race
Choose a charity 5K race and sign up for it together! Whether you walk, jog or run; train daily as a team for the 5K. Compete to see which one of you can raise more money for the race’s cause or finish the race first.

5. Game night
Instead of sitting around, eating popcorn and playing card games, make game night more interesting by adding fitness. Did your spouse lose that round of Blackjack? Make him do 20 push-ups. With every lost turn or card game loss, make the other person do a set of star jumps.

6. Track your success
Remember that chore chart you had as a child and competing with your sibling for gold stars? Create a success chart for you and your spouse, giving each other gold stars when you complete a daily exercise or meet one of your weight loss goals. The first one to your gold star-finish line wins!

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