Back Pain Management – Tips and Exercises

By author photo Julia Raptis


Back pain is common with approximately 70%1 of the population experiencing it during their life.

Here are eight simple tips to help address some of the most common causes of back pain;

  1. Weight loss
  2. Exercise – stretching and strength exercises
  3. Improve your posture e.g. alter your desk set up or get a standing desk
  4. Apply a heat pack
  5. Massage your muscles
  6. Keep moving. Go for a walk during your lunch break
  7. Wear supportive footwear
  8. Manage medical conditions with your registered health professional e.g. osteoarthritis
Simple stretches you can incorporate into your daily life for back pain management;

In standing;

  • Place one heel up on a chair or step. Keeping your legs and back straight, bend forwards at the hips and you should feel a stretch at the back of your leg. Hold 30 seconds
  • Run your hands down the front of your legs trying to touch the floor. Repeat 10 times
  • Run one hand down the side of your leg so that you are leaning towards one side. Hold 30 seconds
  • Run your hands down the back of your legs, extending backwards. Repeat 10 times

Lying in bed or on the floor;

Lying on your back with your knees bent so that your feet are flat –

  • Cross one ankle over the other knee and you may feel a stretch at your hip and buttock. If you cannot feel it, keeping the above position, pull your legs in towards you. Hold 30 seconds
  • Gently rock your pelvis forwards by creating an arch in your back and then rock backwards by flattening your back. Repeat 10 times
  • Push through your heels and squeeze your buttock muscles lifting your pelvis up towards the ceiling. Repeat 10 times
  • Keep your knees together and gently rock them side to side. Repeat 10 times
  • Bring both knees in towards your chest, hugging them with your arms. If this is difficult, hug one knee at a time. Hold 30 seconds

Lying on your stomach, with your hands next to your ears –

  • Lift your chest off the floor by pushing onto your forearms, extending your back. If this feels good, you can push further onto your hands. Repeat 10 times

*Not every stretch is appropriate for each individual so if your pain is not improving or you experience radiating pain, pins and needles or numbness in your arms or legs, please consult with your GP or registered health professional for an individualised treatment plan.   

*Please note this is only general advice and does not replace a medical or other registered health professional assessment or treatment so if you have any pre-existing medical conditions, injuries or pain please ensure you consult with your doctor or physiotherapist before undertaking these exercises


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