Good Things Take Time: Learning Patience While Following a Weight Loss Plan

By   Eucalyptus VC


Whether you’ve just embarked on a weight loss meal plan or have been following one for a while, you’re probably not going to like hearing this: good things take time. It probably took years to put that excess weight on, so it’s not going to just drop off by the end of the month. Luckily, though, a slow and steady pace wins the race in the end. Losing weight can be as challenging on the mind as it is on the body, and that includes learning patience. Here’s how.

Weight loss is a marathon, not a sprint

Marathons take time, not only to complete but to train for. Before you can lose weight, you need to make the necessary lifestyle adjustments: namely, building more physical activity into your daily life and creating and then sticking to a weight loss meal plan. It’s simply not possible to lose your goal weight healthily if you don’t “train” for it. Eventually, you’ll cross the finish line and achieve your weight loss goal.

However, during the process you might feel discouraged at times. You’ll feel frustrated when you don’t see any results, or the results you’re after. You set yourself lofty goals and want to achieve them, right now! When you’re looking at amazing Jenny Craig weight loss success stories, don’t just look at the “after” photos. These are inspiring, but they can lead you feel ‘When is it going to be my turn?’ Instead, compare the before and after photos and remember that behind every success story is a lot of hard work and more than a few ups and downs.
Daily repetition of good habits, and daily refusal of bad habits, leads to weight loss progress, and eventually, to success! You’ve got this.

Fast weight loss is not always best

There are ways to lose weight quickly, but we’re certain that these kinds of weight loss programs aren’t healthy, sustainable in the long run, or even much fun. A slow and steady approach to weight loss will allow you to enjoy life during the process. You’ll build new habits that won’t be hard to stick to. Starving yourself, following very restrictive diets or going too hard with your exercise will likely leave you miserable. Set up lifelong habits of health with a healthy weight loss meal plan instead of yo-yo dieting and ruining your metabolism.

Don’t quit when you don’t see signs of success

NSVs, or non-scale victories, are important indicators of bodily and mental health. Even if you go a while without the needle on the scales shifting, there are other positive signs to look out for. Focus on these when you’re feeling disheartened. NSVs worth celebrating are improved cardiovascular health, lower blood pressure, clearer skin, easier daily activities like climbing stairs, less joint or back pain, and no more craving the wrong foods. If you maintain your healthy habits even when it seems you aren’t succeeding, eventually you’ll be rewarded!

Take a long-term view

Remember: if weight loss was easy, everyone would be doing it! Good things take time, and good habits will set you up for a lifetime of success. Sticking to a weight loss program may sometimes feel boring, but reaching your goals will be worth it in the end.

Take a look at those Jenny Craig success stories again: every single one says their hard work was worth it in the end. Focus on those NSVs while you’re on your journey, and look forward to reaching your destination one day.

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