Health benefits of spring cleaning

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Create a happy, healthy home this spring

If you’re needing to spend more time at home, then use that time to get cleaning and revel in spring cleaning benefits

Are you the kind of person who keeps their house regularly vacuumed, clothes neatly folded in drawers and the dishwasher empty? Or does a busy working week leave your house in a sorry state?

How often do you get your hands dirty and do a spring clean? You’d be surprised what grime and dust piles up in corners you miss on your day-to-day!

Spring cleaning helps you reach those missed spaces. And it’s not just the tight corners and bookshelves that get dusted, because a spring clean is the perfect way to clear some mental clutter too!

Let’s see how spring cleaning can cause remarkable benefits to your health and wellbeing.

Spring cleaning: an act of self care

Tidy-up for a healthy body and mind

Having a clean bench that’s empty of dishes and a floor that’s freshly mopped looks fantastic – but it also feels fantastic! That’s because spring cleaning can also do wonders for your mood and wellbeing.

When it comes to spring cleaning benefits, taking the time to tick this off your to-do list will positively impact both your physical and mental health.

Mood booster

Living in a mess-free space – like a tidy kitchen and the smell of fresh sheets – will boost your mood.

Studies have shown that people living in cluttered homes struggle more with anxiety and depression than others. This is often caused by the overwhelming feeling that comes with living in a mess and can lead to a total lack of focus.

A simple spring cleaning weekend once a year and routine everyday tidying really can foster a healthier state of mind.

Stress reducer

It’s undeniable that we live in a stressful world! Surprisingly, one of the few times we actually have to take a breather is when we’re cleaning.

It is a proven fact that the act of cleaning is a de-stresser. Throwing your headphones on, getting into some comfy clothes and vacuuming – while it may seem like a boring task – can help you escape the world for a moment.

Strengthened immunity

Many New Zealanders and Australians suffer from asthma and allergies. A common trigger that many people overlook is the built up dust, mould or mildew lurking in the corners of our homes.

Spring cleaning offers the perfect opportunity to reduce asthma symptoms, fostering cleaner breathing and a healthier living environment. But don’t forget to open the windows while you clean.

A good night’s sleep

Many of us know the frustration of a bad night’s sleep all too well . Tossing and turning until dawn causes stress and fatigue, and that’s not fun for anyone!

Did you know that spring cleaning can help a good night’s sleep? The comfort of clean sheets, dust-free air and organised surroundings can often provide you with the zen you need to sleep soundly.

Increased concentration

A day-to-day struggle that we all face is concentration. And when we have a million things on our mind, it becomes that much more difficult. Add chaotic clutter to the scene and you’re sure to struggle.

Studies have shown that your brain functions better in clean surroundings. Boost your productivity this month and get started on your spring cleaning!


How does this relate to my weight loss goals?

Stress and a lack of sleep tend to influence weight gain through emotional eating and poor appetite control. It happens to all of us!

Taking the time to boost your mental wellbeing in any way – whether that be spring cleaning, meditation or exercise – will help you on your weight loss journey.

Foster your wellbeing and get started on your spring cleaning!

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