Keeping entertained during home isolation

By   Eucalyptus VC


We’re all in different situations as we continue to self-isolate. If you find you’ve got extra time on your hands, you may find that your mind wanders, there are moments of boredom and or you’re eating just to distract yourself or just for something to do.

While this is okay sometimes it’s important to find other ways to cope with boredom or wondering thoughts. Finding things to do can also be a good chance to tune into what you need and practice some self-care. Here are some ideas on keeping yourself and your family entertained and your minds busy.

Be productive

  • Marie Kondo your wardrobe – or any other part of your house that needs some de cluttering. Clear out what you don’t wear or use and donate to those who need it. You may even rediscover some old favourites that have been hiding for years!

  • Finish off your home DIY projects – whether it’s painting that wall or fence, rearranging or decorating a room, take some time to tackle those home improvements you’ve been wanting to get done.

  • Get your photo albums organised – have you got thousands of photos sitting on your phone? Don’t let them get lost and put your memories in print to treasure for many years to come. You can do this easily online or using Apps and get them sent directly to you.

  • Get your garden in order – get your green thumb working and start your own veggie patch or flower garden.

Learn something new

  • Pick up a hobby that you haven’t had time for or that you’ve been wanting to try for years. Try your hand at drawing or painting, knitting, baking or writing that blog or book you’ve had ideas about but never got to putting pen to paper.

  • Fancy learning about science, business or design? Do an online course – there are many free and paid online courses available from open universities and colleges around the world.

  • Tune into a documentary or a podcast – no doubt you have a list of shows and podcasts you’ve been meaning to get to. Now is the time to tick a few off your list.

  • Learn a language – with many free online lessons and Apps such as Duolingo available, challenge yourself to come out of isolation with a new language up your sleeve.

Do some self-care

  • Read a book – have you got a shelf full or list of books you never seem to get the chance to get to? Now is great time to put a dent in them.

  • Give yourself a manicure or facial – we might not be able to go to the salon but you can certainly bring the salon to you

  • Take your eyes off screens and do a mindful activity such as colouring, jigsaw puzzle or sudoku puzzles.

  • Take time out to daydream about your plans post isolation – we can’t go on holidays right now, but we will in the future so why not be prepared with a plan for your next holiday?

Keep the kids entertained

  • Lego challenge – Lego is a great way to keep little (and big) hands and minds busy. Google the ’30 day Lego challenge’ for fun and challenging Lego building ideas the whole family can get involved in.

  • Scavenger hunts are a great way to keep kids entertained. They’re easy to set up, you don’t need much as you can use whatever you have at home and they can be done inside or out. Just google kids scavenger hunts for some inspiration.

  • Board games – ditch the TV and get the board games out and have a little family fun.

  • Go on a virtual tour – many organisations in Australia and New Zealand (and around the world) have set up online tours and entertainment. Spy on animals at the zoo or take a tour of a gallery or museum. Just google your favourite zoos, galleries and museums around the world and take a tour.
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