How to embrace daylight savings

By   Eucalyptus VC


Daylight savings can affect us more than we realise. Here are our tips for making the most of this time of year.

As some of us head into daylight savings time, it can feel like an adjustment. But it’s one that can help to create healthy habits. Here’s how:

Think about how you spend your time

When you’re resetting your clocks, it’s an opportunity to think about how your time is utilised.

What do you do with your evenings after work? Is there a way you can shift your habits to help you maximise the daylight hours?

Adjust your bedtime slowly

Sleep is one of the most important health habits you can establish.

Daylight savings can interrupt the circadian rhythm (otherwise known as the body clock, which encourages us to sleep in the dark and be awake when it’s light). However, you can help your body to cope well with this by gradually shifting your bedtime until it matches with the new time.

Reset your sleep habits

As you head into daylight savings, and your sleep times adapt to the changing clocks, have a think about what could be improved in your sleeping habits. Consider:

  • Do you switch off devices well before bedtime to allow your brain to realise it’s time to wind down?
  • Is your bedroom set up in a way that’s comfortable and quiet to encourage good sleep?
  • Can you reduce your alcohol or caffeine intake to help you sleep better?

Evenings outside

After the long, dark evenings of winter, it’s refreshing to spend time outside during the warmer months.

While it’s lighter after work, you can get in some extra exercise or outdoor tasks at home.

How healthy is your routine?

Have a think about any healthier habits you can include into your day.

You might also like to consider how to help yourself stick to a routine that works for you. It helps to set reminders, create consistency, make sure the tasks you set are helping towards your goals, and remember to include some fun into your routine.

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