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Caroline: Dee Why centre

I’ve been a personal coach at Jenny Craig for over 10 years. I was working part time as a personal trainer and I applied for the position of weight loss coach. When I got the job as a personal coach I was so thrilled to be able to combine both my interests and therefore help even more people to achieve their goals.

My favourite part of being a Jenny Craig coach is being part of my client’s transformation and being a witness to not only seeing them change physically but mentally as well.

I’m lucky enough to be Jules Robinson’s coach and Jules was the first person in Australia and New Zealand to try Rapid Results Max and the new Recharge bar.

The new plan has been fantastic not only for Jules but for all our busy clients on the go. Many are loving the fact the Snack has been removed and has helped them break the habit of having a treat/snack every day.

Most of Jules’ journey on Jenny Craig was during lockdown, so we adapted to this and scheduled weekly phone coaching sessions. Jules shared photos of her weigh ins from home and we tracked her progress together on a graph. Jules was free to call me anytime day or night if she needed any additional support and I always checked in with her every Friday afternoon before the weekend to ensure she stayed focused and had all the support she needed.

Jules is incredible busy and attends many functions and events, so we needed to tailor the program to fit in with her schedule. The Recharge Bar worked really well for Jules and she now has a much better relationship with food.

Jules embarked on this journey so that she could be at a healthy weight to have another child so I’m absolutely thrilled that she has reached her goal of losing 20kg and hopefully Ollie will have a little sister or brother one day soon.

I am so proud of Jules and that she was able to stay focused and get to her goal during lockdown.

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