Spring into fresh seasonal produce

By   Eucalyptus VC


As September kicks off the first month of Spring, it’s time to change up and enjoy all the new, fresh seasonal fruit and veggies to accompany your Jenny Craig menu.

What are the benefits of seasonal produce?

There are so many benefits to eating fruit and vegetables when they’re in season. Firstly, produce in season will always have the best flavour. Fruit and vegetables that are in season, are at their nutritional peak and are tastier to eat, in comparison to their quality when they’re not in season. Secondly, it’s good for the environment. When fruit and vegetables are in season, they can be grown locally more easily and in abundance. This means produce often travels less food miles, that’s the distance from the farm to your local supermarket or green grocer, which is better for the environment by reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Lastly, it’ll save you money. We all know fruit and veggies can be expensive, however when you buy what is in season, you’ll find it is more cost effective compared to when produce isn’t in season. If you have the time and resources, have a go at growing your own fruit and veggies. Not only is it a fun activity to grow and harvest your own produce, it’ll get you outdoors, reduce your time being sedentary and increase your physical activity while gardening.

What’s in season in Spring?

While seasonality does vary depending on location, here is a brief summary of what is in season across the three months of Spring, in both Australia and New Zealand.


– Apple – Orange
– Blueberries – Papaya
– Grapefruit – Pawpaw
– Lemon – Pineapple
– Lychee – Strawberries
– Mango


– Artichoke (Globe, Jerusalem) – Cucumber
– Asian Greens (Bok choy, Pak choy, Wombok) – Eggplant
– Asparagus – Leek
– Beans (Round, Broad) – Lettuce
– Beetroot – Mushrooms
– Broccoli – Onions
– Cabbage – Rhubarb
– Capsicum – Silverbeet
– Carrot – Spinach
– Cauliflower – Tomato
 – Celery – Turnip

How to incorporate more Spring produce in your diet!

It’s easy to include a variety of fruits and vegetables on your Jenny Craig menu, because as you know, they’re featured every day. Use the Grocery Guide for serve sizes and try to choose as many different types as you can, eating across the rainbow of coloured fruits and vegetables is a really good approach. If you’re in need of some new inspiration creating recipes to incorporate more Spring produce into your Jenny Craig menu, rest assured we’ve got some ideas s for you! Our Super Green Salad will be sure to energise your meal with asparagus, mixed lettuce and cucumber, try pairing this salad with your next Jenny Craig lunch. Why not try our quick and easy Stir-fried Greens incorporating broccoli and Bok choy with your next dinner. In need of a sweet treat? Our Apple Donuts with strawberries and blueberries will freshen up your day, enjoy by itself or a great pairing with the Jenny Craig Nut and Cranberry Mix.

Whether you’re buying or growing your own fruit and veggies, changing with the seasons adds variety into your diet and perfectly accompanies your Jenny Craig menu. So, what are you waiting for? Call Jenny today and see how our weight loss plan can help you!

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