Surviving the school holidays on your weight loss journey

By author photo Jenny Craig Team


Below are some tips for how you can keep your weight loss journey with Jenny Craig on track through the school holidays!

  • Get Organised! It’s important to get prepared and organised for the challenging weeks ahead. A change in routine may be hard, but it does not mean you need to take a break from your weight loss journey. For more information check out our 5 easy ways to organise yourself a healthier life.
  • Book appointments 3-4 weeks ahead. Try to continue your Consultations through the holidays. Alternatively, if you are going away, book an appointment for when you get back.
  • Use monthly planners to set goals and stay motivated. Document any challenges you anticipate so you can plan ahead.
  • Purchase 2 week’s worth of food. If you can’t come in for your appointment you can always purchase in bulk. This way you can stick to your goals through the holiday period.
  • Use your Jenny Craig meal as inspiration for your kids. If you’re having Jenny Craig Lasagne, make the kids a Lasagne. Doing this will avoid you feeling deprived and will make meal planning easier.
  • Plan your snacks! Have plenty of pre-cut veggie sticks or fruit on hand during busy times, to help you resist temptations when out and about.
  • Children are welcome at your consultation. If you’re worried about finding a sitter, bring the kids with you. Our Consultants always welcome your family in centre.
  • Don’t forget about delivery. If you’re struggling to make it to a consultation take up this opportunity to try out delivery.
  • Get outdoors. Spring usually provides plenty of sunshine and great weather to get outdoors with the kids. Consider planning a trip to the beach or the park and include some outdoor games for the kids. For more ideas see 5 ways to get active with your family.


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