The Benefits of Meal Planning for Weight Loss

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Meal planning is one tool in the weight loss tool kit you need to try.

There are many different paths you can take on the weight loss journey, and most experts would agree that a combination of diet and lifestyle changes are necessary to see lasting weight loss. If you’ve tried dieting and increasing your physical activity and still aren’t seeing the results you’re after, it may be time to try meal planning. There are many benefits to incorporating meal planning into your weight loss plan. Here are a few of the most important when you’re trying to lose weight.

Meal plans are designed in collaboration with experts

The point of meal planning isn’t to do it all yourself: a key to successful meal planning is to recruit the help of nutritionists and weight loss experts. These experts know, or can figure out by discussing with you, what your body needs to function well and drop excess weight.

Jenny Craig’s meal plans are modelled on the food you already love to eat, but healthier! The more than 70 delicious menu items have been designed by dietitians, so you know you’re getting the best food to meet your goals.

Meal planning saves time, which has knock-on benefits

Unless you’re a passionate foodie, planning your meals, shopping for the ingredients, and then cooking them can just seem like another in a long list of chores that fill your days. When you’re trying to fit meal prep in between school drop offs, getting to work on time, and evening activities, it’s all too easy to hang on to unhealthy food habits.

When you sign up to a weight loss plan and meal plan like Jenny Craig, you’re taking a few things off your endless to-do list. You won’t have to think about what you’re going to make for your meals, so you’ll have more time and mental energy for all of your other priorities. Including a yoga class or gym session!

Meal planning helps avoid temptation at the supermarket

When you sign up for a meal plan with pre-prepared meals, you won’t have to go to the supermarket as often. This is good news if you’re the kind of person who goes to the supermarket while hungry and inevitably puts too many unhealthy snacks in the trolley. Meal plans help you avoid the aisle of temptation!

Meal planning helps avoid unhealthy snacking

With meal plans designed to meet all your nutritional requirements, you won’t need to snack outside your planned meals. Jenny Craig meal plans include six meals per day, so you feel satisfied. If you can avoid the temptation of buying unhealthy snacks when shopping for other household goods, all your food intake for the week is taken care of in advance.

Meal planning teaches you portion control

One important part of a weight loss program is learning correct portion size. When embarking on a weight loss journey, some people find that although the food they’ve been eating is relatively healthy, the quantities they’re eating at meal times are not. Meal plans can help retrain you in this regard. Jenny Craig’s meals are designed to be the right size for you. Although eating smaller portions may take a bit of time to get used to, once you have you will probably notice a lighter, less sluggish feeling after meal times and more energy and physical comfort for exercise and activities.

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