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The Power Of Support

By author photo Jenny Craig Team


During your weight loss journey there will be many highs and great successes to celebrate. You might also find that during some weeks, your motivation may be down which could be a sign that you need to remind yourself of your goals and to call upon the support of others.

Having the support of family, friends, colleagues or a personal weight loss consultant to share the highs and lows with, can make the journey a little easier and much more achievable. Research has shown that social support has been linked with lasting weight loss success (1). So how can you make the most of these support networks to keep you on track to achieve your goals?

Family and friends are often a great support to help us reach our goals. See if you can involve your family and friends even more in your journey to keep your motivation high and help their understanding of how they can help you. The more people that are on board and know about your goals, the more support you’ll have to stay on track.

And it’s not just you that can be making the most of a healthy lifestyle. Your support network can also give it a go! Try ‘buddying up’ and try a new form of activity with a friend, this might be a new gym class, walking track or sport. Get more active with the family and head to the local pool, playground or to the beach.

Spending time with others can easily create tempting situations, whether it’s to have that second serving of dessert or opting for takeaway instead of cooking, where we find ourselves fighting an internal battle with ourselves, as well as a verbal battle with a friend or family member. At Jenny, your personal consultant will teach you how to manage these situations. From our experience, strategies like reminding yourself of your long term goals can help overcome the internal battle and the PRP technique can help your support network of friends and family on track. The PRP technique involves:

  • Polite response
  • Reason for refusal
  • Polite invitation for support

P – “Thanks for the offer, it looks delicious!”

R – “Dinner was perfect, I couldn’t manage another bite”

P – “But I really do appreciate how supportive you are of my weight loss goals at the moment.”

Give these a go next time you find yourself in a challenging situation.

The office can sometimes seem like a challenging environment, but we all have the opportunity to make the most of what the office does offer and get other colleagues on board to support one another to lead a healthy lifestyle!

Here are our favourite ideas for getting everyone on board for a healthier office:

  • Food groups – create a small group of five people and one day a week each person is to bring in a veggie-based dish that the group can add to their lunch. This might be a salad, soup or stir-fry, the options are endless and it’s a great way to experiment with new foods, share recipe ideas and increase your veggie intake!
  • Make the most of your lunch breaks – normally head to lunch with a friend? Try spending the first half of your lunch break either going for a walk or if the weather isn’t too flash, climb the office stairs together – go up just one flight of stairs and you’ll burn 65 kilojoules. Do this five times before you have your lunch and you’ll work up an appetite, plus your lunch will taste even more delicious!
  • Walking meetings – combine that important meeting with some fresh air and a short walk around outside. Not only will you cover the same content you would in the office, you’ll also feel refreshed and get in some vitamin D!

Whilst friends, family and colleagues can be supportive, sometimes you might prefer someone outside your normal network to discuss successes and challenges with. At Jenny we know having a reliable and friendly face to turn to each week works and this is why we make it easier with weekly one-on-one consultations so you have someone in your corner, helping to keep you motived as you progress towards your goals.

If you’re feeling like you need some more support or that friendly face to turn to each week to help you achieve your weight loss goals, why not stop by your local Jenny Craig centre to find out more!

References: (1) Parham ES. Enhancing social support in weight loss management groups. J Am Diet Assoc. 1993 Oct;93(10):1152-6.

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