Together, We’re Better

By author photo Jenny Craig Team

hints-and-tips · 16 Oct 18

We know we can always use a little help from our friends…but it’s not just a song or a saying. There’s evidence. The idea of togetherness can really help you on your weight loss journey, and interestingly, research has found that Jenny Craig clients lose 3 times more weight than dieting on their own.

Why 3 times more? Even though we know the simple rules of nutrition and a healthy lifestyle, it really is hard for everyone to have this same information and then put this into action. Then, it’s not enough to just know this information, but we need to apply it to our lives. For example, there’s no use knowing that kale is packed with nutrients and minimal kilojoules if you don’t actually like it.

The Jenny Craig program differs from DIY diets because of our greatest resource: the Jenny Craig consultants. Often former Jenny Craig clients themselves, our team is here to work with you to achieve your weight loss goals, to be your cheerleaders along the way and to be able to talk about anything you need to; whether it’s nutrition or bigger issues, such as your motivations, challenges and strengths.

But don’t forget about how you can best utilise your own support network. To achieve your goals, it helps to be around people who will support you. Your family and friends will be an important part of your weight loss journey, and together with you, can help you succeed. Spending time with people with similar interests can be a great motivation. Taking time away from people who aren’t supporting you might be a good idea too: your results could be affected if your friends are telling you to eat sweets or drink in excess. Some couples or friends come to Jenny Craig together; it’s part of a shared journey and they find it helpful to encourage each other.

All in all, having the support of a consultant and being around people we love can be our greatest motivation. We’re better together.

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