What to do if you’ve had a lapse

By   Eucalyptus VC


As your Coach will tell you, sticking to your program is the best way to reach your goal. But what happens if you have a lapse? Maybe you didn’t follow your plan, you missed a walk or let negative self-talk drive your day. Don’t worry, Lapses happen and are completely normal, but it is how you respond to them that matters.

Follow this 4 step plan to use your lapse as an opportunity to learn, and get back on track toward your goals.

1. Forgive yourself:

The slip will not affect your weight loss if you get back on track now. Your lapse was a single event, a moment in your journey from which to learn and review why it happened, this way you can make plans for a different result in the future.

2. Analyse the situation and your typical response:

Where were you? Who were you with? What was going on?

“I was with friends at a party and everyone was enjoying the finger food.
I wanted to as well.”

What did you say to yourself?

“I’ve been ‘good’ all week, a few won’t hurt.”

How did you feel?

“I deserve a treat for how ‘good’ I’ve been.”

What did you do?

“Ate 5 pieces of finger food and had 3 glasses of wine.”

3. Plan your strategy for next time:

When faced with the situation again, what will you:

Say to yourself?

“I am in control of my choices. My goals are more important to me than this food or drink.”

Do differently?

“I will bring a veggie plate with salsa and drink sparkling water after one glass of wine.”

Encourage yourself to feel?

“Proud that I overcame the challenge and focused on my goals.”

4. Summarise and rehearse your plan:

Discuss your plan with your Jenny Craig Coach and rehearse with them – the more you say it and rehearse it, the more it will become second nature for the next time you need it.

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