Holiday outfits for your next trip

By author photo Megan Blandford


Wondering which holiday clothes to pack for your next trip? Consider this your complete holiday guide on what to wear!


Heading to the beach?

Your main holiday outfit for the beach will be swimwear as you relax by the water and play with your family. The items of clothing you’ll love best on your ocean trip will be those that can be worn over swimwear: think kaftans, loose summer holiday dresses or t-shirts paired with a glamorous, wide-brimmed hat.


Bring on the adventure

If you’re heading on an active holiday adventure – like bushwalking or camping – there’s one thing you need: holiday clothes for comfort.

It all begins with the feet because sore feet make for a miserable adventure. Once you’ve got some great walking shoes on, you can go from there. The best idea is to opt for breathable fabrics like cotton, technical fabrics from outdoor stores and lightweight wool.


Brrr, it’s cold out there!

Dressing for a winter holiday is all about finding that balance between being warm enough without feeling like it’ll take an hour to remove the layers at the end of the day.

There are some great lightweight, winter holiday clothes available these days, like thermal and merino gear that provides ultra warmth without feeling bulky.


Let’s go sightseeing

Whether you’re headed to Europe, Asia or somewhere local on your holiday, you want to look good for those family photos that will end up on your living room wall, while maintaining comfort.

Great holiday outfits start with a pair of stretchy, flattering pants and layer up from there with loose fitting, comfortable tops in the colours that you love.

And don’t forget comfy – but stylish – sneakers, because the sights don’t look as impressive when you’re suffering from blisters!


When you’re dressed for the occasion, in holiday clothes you love, you’re ready to soak up your vacation experience.

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