How to dress for your body shape on your next holiday: warm weather

By author photo Melanie McGrice


Dread the swimwear no more: it IS possible to feel good in what you wear poolside no matter your body shape.

Here’s our tips on how to dress for your body shape when on a tropical holiday, for three common body shape types:


An hourglass figure has similar sized bust and hips, and a smaller waist. How to dress for an hourglass figure means looking for swimwear that supports your bust with underwire and thicker straps, while accentuating your waist. You might want to go for a cool 1950s style full piece or bikini with a high waist.

When you head out for dinner, wear a dress with a defined waistline, a-line skirts are always a good choice then add some va-voom glamour!


How to dress for your body type if you’re a pear (whose bodies are smaller on top) means drawing the attention up.

You can do that with a patterned swimming top – like ruffles or a halter neck – and plain bottoms. Whether you want a bikini or fuller coverage depends on what makes you feel good.

Need a dress to wear out? Go for a sleeveless style with a fancy full skirt.


Apple body shapes are fuller through the bust and middle, with narrower hips. Swimwear that suits an apple can include ruching and control around the middle area. How to dress for your body shape if you’re an apple means rocking a one-piece or tankini top, as these can make you feel more confident with the thick straps and a higher back to hold everything in place.

For an evening out, opt for a summer dress that skims over your stomach.


All body shapes can do with a great kaftan to wear over the swimwear, too. This is great for sun protection, as well as making you feel less exposed. Choose one with a great print or colour that you love wearing.


Ultimately, the best advice we have on how to dress for your body shape is to choose whatever makes you feel comfortable and confident. Then you can spend more time enjoying your holiday!


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