How to plan your holiday: our travel planning guide

By author photo Megan Blandford


It’s time to get the travel planning guide out and start the countdown!


Where to next?

Your biggest and most fun decision is where to go!

For some, how to plan your holiday is an easy choice, and for others, it can take a bit more thought. To help you along, ask friends and family for recommendations on how to organize a trip. Consider the time of year, whether you want a high energy experience or a drop-and-flop holiday, and how much time you have.

It’s also fun to cruise through the hashtags for your shortlisted destinations to learn even more about what there is to see and do, and what you can add to your travel planning guide.


So much to choose from!

If you’re going on a holiday with your family, you’ll each have different ideas on how to plan your holiday, with different things in mind that you want to see and do. To make the planning extra fun, ask each person to do a little research and devise a small travel planning guide wish list.

Then you can compare them. The things that appear on everyone’s travel planning guide wish lists are must-dos, and then you can choose at least one thing from each person’s list to add on.

This is a great activity to help that’ll help you figure out how to organise a trip, and the best bit? Every time you book something you’re a step closer to your holiday!


Keeping within budget

As you put together your travel planning guide, it can be fun to set a little challenge for yourselves to create and stick to a budget. You can save yourself a lot of money (and added stress) by using some of these six tips:

  1. If you’re going overseas, check whether your credit or debit card has international fees. If so, organise a cheaper (or free) one for travelling with.
  2. Keep an eye in currency exchange rates. These can fluxuate over time and there’s nothing wrong with exchanging some cash in advance to score the best rate.
  3. Sign up to online alerts that will tell you when there’s a good deal on flights and/or accommodation– who knows, the trip you’ve been dreaming of might be on sale!
  4. Accommodation is one of the biggest costs, so do your homework to find the cheapest option that still fits your dream. And don’t forget to check what your accommodation includes. Some hotels and resorts include breakfast, free parking and airport transfers which can save you serious cash.
  5. Become a member of booking websites. Many booking websites such as and offer discounted rates and rewards to their members.
  6. Look into attraction prices well in advance, many are cheaper when you book ahead and online. You might also find a package deal!


Making all these plans is just the beginning of the holiday excitement. And now it’s time to count how many sleeps until you put the travel planning guide to use and take-off!

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