Meet Our New Ambassador Casey Donovan

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Casey Donovan rose to fame as the winner of Australian Idol in 2004 and has since made her mark on stage and screen across the country as a singer, songwriter, actress and author.

Casey has partnered with Jenny Craig for a lifestyle change, we checked in with her after four weeks on the program.

Tell Us About Your Motivation For Losing Weight?

It’s been a long time coming and wanting to feel like I’m the healthiest version of myself is a big motivation.

Was There A Particular Moment Or Experience That Made You Decide To Make A Change?

Lots of things have changed over the years. I think just wanting to be as healthy as possible is what spurred on the decision and wanting a change of lifestyle.

Why Did You Choose Jenny Craig For Your Weight Loss Journey?

I wanted a lifestyle change and not a quick fix “diet”. Jenny Craig has the tools and support network to make you feel supported and educated about food, lifestyle, calories and all of the things that have been blurred over the many years.

What Does A Typical Day On Jenny Craig Look Like For You?

A deliciously healthy one! Hehe! It’s a day made up of three main meals including two pieces of fruit and lots and lots of yummy salads and veggies. Depending what kilojoules you’re on and the other snacks you may get, it’s a great day. It fits great into my busy lifestyle and is more than manageable – it’s really ridiculously simple!

How Have You Found The Support From Your Jenny Craig Coach?

The support from the Jenny Craig team has been nothing short of amazing! My coach Angela and the whole extended team have been fantastic! It really makes a difference having that support and knowing you’re not alone. They’re always there if I have any questions about the meals and snacks. On a personal level they also check in as to how I’m feeling and coping and what roadblocks or work commitments I have going on. I find it so easy to talk through anything and everything with the team.

How Have You Found Your First Four Weeks?

Honestly, it has been great! It has fit my lifestyle so well and I can’t say it enough it really has been so easy to follow and has taken the thinking out of mealtime!

What Would You Say To Those Thinking About Starting Jenny Craig?

It’s okay to ask for help. Sometimes there are things in this world we can’t do on our own. I want to live a happy healthy life and be more educated in what goes in my body and Jenny Craig has helped me so much with that in just a short amount of time. It certainly isn’t a quick fix it’s a lifestyle change. Yes, it can be scary, but what have you got to lose? We only have one body to get us through this life. Start the healthiest days of your life now and enjoy the benefits of being you best self!