What You Should Eat For Breakfast When You Don’t Have Time

By   Eucalyptus VC


It’s Monday morning and you’ve just woken up to the sound of your dreaded alarm. 5 snoozes later, you throw your double doona off your body and force yourself out of bed, wincing at the cold. It’s a struggle, and yep, you’re officially on Struggle Street (do people still say that or am I showing my age…?). Now, when you’re on Struggle Street you never have time for breakfast right – you literally shower, throw on a bit of makeup, tie your hair back and you’re out, on your way to work, longing for that first cup of coffee to hit your lips.

Breaking the fast with coffee may be high on your priority list, but what should you actually eat for breakfast if you’re behaving and being good? Well, the good news is you don’t have to have a ‘good’ day to eat breakfast. In fact, breakfast is something that anyone can do, on any day, regardless of how many wines you’ve had the night before!

The most nutritious of all breakfasts includes a source of wholegrains, some fruit or vegetables, a high-calcium food (eg. milk, cheese or yoghurt) and a source of hydration – water or tea are good choices but there’s nothing wrong with having a small skinny latte – this also ticks the high-calcium food box (aka 1 of your 3 dairy serves for the day).

So, once you arrive at the office, why not enjoy a delicious bowl of toasted muesli with reduced fat Greek yoghurt and blueberries, or some heart-warming porridge with stewed fruit, or if you’re a savoury kinda-gal, why not try a portion controlled savoury muffin and a skinny latte? No, you don’t have to have the same thing every day (even though, let’s be honest, most of us are creatures of habit), and in fact, it’s better to have a variety of choices to ensure you’re receiving a variety of nutrients. And if you’re not a big breakfast person – don’t feel like you have to eat the cardboard-tasting cereal which tastes almost as bad as the box itself – you certainly don’t. Have a chat to an Accredited Practising Dietitian who can point you in the right direction and suggest some ideas ‘outside the box’ (no pun intended).

So, when it comes to breakfast, don’t forget:

  • Breakfast is a must, a non-negotiable, regardless of what happened last night. We also know that people who eat breakfast are more likely to eat better throughout the day, as they’ve fuelled up their bodies with goodness and are less likely to crave higher kilojoule foods later.
  • Focus on variety. There’s nothing wrong with getting into a routine with your fave cereal but variety is the spice of life so why not live dangerously and try something new. You might just discover a new fave!

If you’re a Jenny Craig member, speak to your Coach about how you can incorporate this recipe into your personal menu plan.

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